Arbitration and litigation

  • We offer the following services to our clients:

    • Public law (including public bidding)
    • Public law litigation
    • National and international arbitration (we advise states in procedures before the World Trade Organization -OMC- and in sovereign arbitration)
    • General litigation
    • Mediation and negotiation

Third Party Funding is a method used in arbitration in which a party not linked to the conflict finances all the costs of the arbitral proceedings in exchange for an economic benefit. This third-party financer can be a company that is looking to invest or could be a law firm representing a party to the conflict; there are no limitations as to who can be a financer. The funding is managed by agreement between the parties, through a private and confidential contract which is completely separate from the conflict itself. Third party funding in arbitration is a method that can open many doors, since the high costs associated with arbitration can be restrictive to many.

We work with the Omaha investment fund and with Estudio Jurídico Linares, in Lima, to finance your arbitration. Learn more about Third Party Funding services.

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