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With more than 15 years’ experience of our partners and our team of associates, we work to meet all the needs of our clients, constantly innovating our services.

Ethical working practices

We are known for our honest approach to the work we carry out, which is particularly important when dealing with Foreign Investment matters.

International alliances to facilitate our services

We work with international partners in many aspects of our service offering, such as Sephardi origin Portuguese and Spanish citizenship, arbitration finance, intellectual property, and corporate matters in general.

A proposal with global impact: the academic study that inspires our founding partner

Discover all the analysis published in magazines and academic texts concerning a simple idea that has led Esteban Donoso to go around the world, presenting his findings. Esteban´s proposal is that the length of the legal monopoly that is attached to patents, should be tied to the economic development of each country or region, thereby each country or region will contribute to the world´s innovation in a way that is fair and effective. In his works he tackles the legal, social, and economic aspects of this idea.

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En ED&A entendemos que la protección de datos es esencial en el mundo digital actual. Valoramos la privacidad y seguridad de nuestros clientes, y nos comprometemos a garantizar el correcto manejo de su información en todo momento.

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